Sasha Ford lives life her way. Tattooed, pierced, and professionally satisfied, the Seattle music-lover has found her groove. She’s living her dream as a free-spirited graphic artist, but the fearless vixen has grown bored with her booty-calls and is on the prowl for a new conquest. Her trademark black eyeliner and scarlet lips serve as both invitation and warning to any man she pursues.
Seven years of college transformed small-town bad boy Avery Kingston into a super-geek. New to the city with his shiny PhD, he struggles to find his social identity by connecting with his tough guy roots. Attempting to merge his past with his present in the counter-culture, he finds himself in over his head—especially when sexy Sasha drags him into her world of mosh-pits and after-parties.
Sasha expects a one-night stand, but their searing chemistry leads them in a direction she’s less than comfortable with. Confronted with the female version of who Avery thought he could be, Sasha’s sexual advances bring out a carnal need in Avery to give as good as he gets. Sasha believes she can’t maintain her own identity if she’s in a serious relationship, but Avery wants more than sex from his hot rebel. He must convince Sasha of his love and respect for her fierce independent streak or say goodbye to her forever. Is Avery strong enough to make Sasha break her own rules?
Rock His World

Some girls are naughty by nature.
When awkward genius Avery strolls into a Seattle club to enjoy the music and lands in the sights of the baddest girl he’s ever met, Sasha turns his sex life upside down with her aggressive desires as he twists her inside out with his emotional needs.

"Hot & heavy from start to finish!"  5/5 stars

                                                              - Naughty Moms' Story Time


"This book was so good I just kept smiling as I read it." 5/5 stars

                                                                                - Alpha Book Club


"This story is hot; I am talking so hot that you actually need a bucket of ice water." 5/5 stars

                                                          - Yearwood Daily Book Review


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