Get ready to sizzle in 2015, with my debut novella, Rock His World starring Sasha and Avery this August. In September, enjoy Dessert for Two as Lanie and David spend a night exploring Manhattan (and each other). Bust out the champagne for an early holiday celebration in October when Caroline takes on Craig, Tate, and Gabriel on New Year's Eve in Fireworks for Four.

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Rock His World

Naughty by Nature, Book

Every good boy deserves a punk rock girl.


Awkward genius Avery strolls into a Seattle club to enjoy the music and lands in the sights of the baddest girl he’s ever met. Sasha turns his sex life upside down with her aggressive desires as he twists her inside out with his emotional needs.


Dessert for Two

Sweet Tooth, Book 1

One night with a stranger never tasted so good.


Dinner with a sexy stranger gives Lanie an opportunity to work out her sexual frustration. David is ready for the role of her faux boyfriend and real lover…if she’s brave enough to play the part.
Fireworks for Four

Sweet Tooth, Book 2

Kick the new year off with a bang.


When a Dominant billionaire experiences love at first sight and enlists the help of his friends to seduce the body-painted model working his New Year’s Eve party, no one can stop the sexual explosion.