Fireworks for Four

Sweet Tooth, Book 2

ISBN: 978-1-62210-243-3



Kick the new year off
with a bang!


When a Dominant billionaire experiences love at first sight and enlists the help of his friends to seduce the body-painted model working his New Year’s Eve party, no one can stop the sexual explosion.



Get ready to experience the visceral grasp love at first sight has on Craig Bishop, the power of a one night stand and dream come true for Caroline Holder, and what can happen when you open your heart and mind.

With few friends and no support from family, ballerina-in-training Caroline Holder pays her bills by working as a nude model. Her financial survival depends on it.

Craig Bishop is a workaholic who achieves his goals because of his tunnel vision when it comes to the things he’s passionate about, which has only been his work—until now. When he sees the beautiful model in body paint at his annual New Year’s Eve Party, it’s love at first sight. Irrepressible feelings for the stranger disrupt his autopilot relationship with his girlfriend, leaving him with the untenable choice of dumping her on the holiday or hiding the most powerful emotional response he’s ever known. Not to mention the new object of his affections has caught the eye of his two friends as well. As he grapples with his own growing desire for the nameless model, and her surprising desire to be shared, a Dominant side he never knew he had emerges.
Caroline prides herself on her professionalism, including not talking to clients. She can live out her ultimate sexual fantasy, but only if she breaks the rules. Is one night with three sexy strangers worth the risk?

5 out of 5 Stars

Alpha Book Club

She is exotic, confident and loves what she does – she is what every woman dreams she could be: comfortable in her own skin, aware of her own sexuality and courageous enough to try something new. From the beginning readers know this story isn’t a nice cutesy romance novel, it’s the kind of novel that makes you wish either you were Caroline or that you were brave enough to ask your husband (or boyfriend) if you could indulge in that little secret fantasy Kristi Hancock devilishly created in your brain. And why not indulge? The number of times I had to lower the novel and simply breathe to relax was numerous, and yet, I simply kept coming back because even though we’re reading an erotic novel with three men and a woman, it’s not crass, nor crude, it’s beautiful and stimulating. From cover to cover, I honestly recommend readers to indulge themselves to read Kristi Hancock’s novel, but only if M/M/F/M, M/M, and the multiple mixture of having three men and a woman can create is the type of novel you enjoy. If not, maybe readers shouldn’t bother opening the first page and feeling awkward or even disturbed by the graphic scenes.

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