Kick off the New Year
with a bang!

When a Dominant billionaire experiences
love at first sight
and enlists the help of his friends to seduce the
body-painted model working his New Year’s Eve party, no one can stop the sexual explosion.
Get ready to experience the visceral grasp love at first sight has on Craig Bishop, the power of a one night stand and dream come true for Caroline Holder, and what can happen when you don't get the girl
...and there's a guy waiting for you in the wings.
What Readers Are Saying

"...well written and extremely hot!  The sexual content will be enough to fulfill most sexual fantasies." 4/5 stars

                                                        - Manhattan Book Review


"The number of times I had to lower the novel and simply breathe to relax was numerous, and yet, I simply kept coming back because even though we’re reading an erotic novel with three men and a woman, it’s not crass, nor crude, it’s beautiful and stimulating." 5/5 stars

                                                                  - Alpha Book Club


"This book of deliciousness is simply divine!"  5/5 stars

                                                            - Cara's Book Boudoir

"I really enjoyed reading the down and dirty and steamy parts of the story and how even though it's a small book, it manages to convey such emotion and eroticism."   3 1/2 / 5 stars

                                                         - Bewitching Bibliophile 

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