Every good boy deserves
a punk rock girl

Awkward genius Avery strolls into a Seattle club to enjoy the music and lands in the sights of the baddest girl he’s ever met. Sasha turns his sex life upside down with her aggressive desires as he twists her inside out with his emotional needs.
What Readers Are Saying About

"This story is hot; I am talking so hot that you actually need a bucket of ice water." 5/5 stars

                                                 - Yearwood Daily Book Review


"This book was so good I just kept smiling as I read it." 5/5 stars

                                                                  - Alpha Book Club


"I am looking forward to reading more from Kristi Hancock!" 
5/5 stars

                                                              - Wicked Good Reads


"Hot & heavy from start to finish!"  4/5 stars

                                                   - Naughty Moms' Story Time

"Their witty banter and hijinks [are] entertaining and fun."

4/5 stars

                                                                           - Goodreads


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