A native of the Deep South, I'm basically the secret love child of Henry Rollins and Martha Stewart.


I like to think of myself as fairly evolved. While entertaining out-of-town company, we took the young, single guy for dinner at a high end strip club then went to the sleaziest landmark in town. On his podcast regaling his travel adventures, he mentioned his visit to our house in the suburbs, my cross pendant, my accent, and the fact that I was sharing tour info on Bad Religion and Against Me! He concluded that I am totally "punk rock", a badge I wear with honor.


I married an Über-Alpha Bad Boy Biker Computer Geek (yes--they do exist!) who is the best husband ever.


I got hooked on romance at age 14. My grandmother got in trouble for buying me Belgian Romance by Lucinda Anne Day on our trip to Woolworth. (Yes, I'm dating myself.) I stumbled across Anne (Rice) Rampling's Belinda a few years later--that was an eye opener. When I discovered Nora Roberts' The MacGregor Brides in the Kansas City airport, I was sucked into a romance vortex and became a total junkie.

I've lived in some major metropolitan areas, including NYC. That was a bucket list item. I've also lived in a small town in a dry county. I can tell you that freaky stuff goes on there, too.


If you'd like to check out something a little longer and tamer, I write small town contemporary novels as Kristine Bria.

Kristi is also the Workshop Director for the Passionate Ink Chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America). For more information on PI Workshops or to pitch your workshop, click here.